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Halal Beef Tenderloin Steak 6 oz

SKU: 100118

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  • All-American Halal No Roll Tenderloin

  • Top Quality Zabiha Halal Beef

  • Rich in Protein and Other Nutrients

  • One of the Most Tender Cuts of Halal Beef

  • A 9 lb Case (24/ 6 oz Packs)

Halal Beef Tenderloin Steak is one of the most tender and succulent cuts of beef available. The tenderloin is cut from a section that gets little work making Halal Tenderloin some of the most tender pieces of beef. United Steaks of America's Halal Tenderloin steak can be served as a filet mignon wrapped in Breakfast Beef Strips. A featured halal steak cut from United Steaks of America!


Halal Choice Beef


Unit Weight: 6 oz

Units/Case: 24

Case Net Weight: 9 lb

Date Code: 5 Digit Julian Date: YYDDD

Cooked State: Raw

Recommended Shelf Life: 18 Months


Cn Labeled: