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Halalthy™ 93% Lean Ground Beef


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  • Only Delicious Ground Beef

  • Top-Quality Zabihah Halal Beef

  • Rich In Protein and Other Nutrients

  • A 12lb Case (12/1lb Packs)

Our Halalthy™ 93% Lean Ground Beef is perfect for recipes that call for less fat. Midamar Halal 93% Lean Ground Beef is ground perfectly for burgers, kebobs, pasta sauces, chili, meatloaf and so much more. At Midamar the only thing you will find in your ground beef is simply delicious natural ground beef.


Halal beef


Unit Weight: 1 lb

Units/Case: 12

Case Net Weight: 12 lb

Date Code: 5 Digit Julian Date: YYDDD

Cooked State: Raw

Recommended Shelf Life: 12 Months

MMA: 3oz = 2.25oz Creditable MMA

Cn Labeled: